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by admin, Ekim 28, 2022

Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival logo

Decentraland, one of the biggest and most preferred metaverses, announced that the second of the annual Metaverse Music Festival (MVMF) is going to happen between 10-13 November. Currently, 100 artists have been revealed to be participating in the 4 day festival with more artists to be announced in the coming days.

As mentioned above, the festival is going to last 4 days on the Decentraland metaverse platform. The festival that is mainly sponsored by the digital asset platform Kraken is going to have 15 different stages with themes according to music genres and immersive music experiences.

Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival is going to be free for everyone who wants to attend and it will not require a VR headset.


Who are the artists?

In the first Metaverse Music Festival, over 80 artists performed to 50.000 unique users in 4 days. The lineup had some big names like Deadmau5, PAris Hilton, 3LAU, RAC, and Alison Wonderland who had interests and initiatives about Web3. 

Since the last Metaverse Music Festival, some big names such as Jason Derulo and Grimes have had virtual performances in the metaverse. Some big music labels have also joined the companies that have entered the metaverse. 

This year’s festival looks like it is going to have some big hitters again. Some of the artists that are going to perform during the festival are as follows:

    • Ozzy Osbourne
    • DJ Dillon Francis
    • Soulja Boy
    • Vladimir Cauchemar
    • SNH48
    • Atarashii Gakko!
    • DJ Regard
    • Morgan
    • Jamis
    • Nicola Fasano
    • Danilo Rossi
    • Azel
    • Amadis & The Ambassador
    • Akira the Don
    • 2AM
    • Erika Krall
    • Lian Gold
    • And many more…

Festival Exclusive Emotes & Wearables

A screenshot from Decentraland

Decentraland announced that there are going to be emotes and wearables that are going to be exclusive to the music festival. Wearables have been one of the strong suits of Decentraland, while emotes are a relatively new arrival to the metaverse platform. In their blog post regarding the Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival, they mentioned emotes and wearables: 


A music festival is nothing without outrageous and colorful festival wear & sick dance moves. You can be sure that MVMF will have both in the form of Wearables and Emotes! Since Emotes entered the Creator market in September, Decentraland’s Marketplace has been flooded with almost 200 Emotes, and plenty of them are just what you’ll be looking for on the dance floor.”


The Unique Setting

When Decentraland shared the news about the Metaverse Music Festival, they also gave a small preview of one of the stages that is going to be in the festival while mentioning some others. According to their words, the stages are going to be one of the cornerpieces of the general visual spectacle of the festival. They said:


“The festival will feature 15 completely different and unique stages set against a cyberpunk landscape being overgrown by nature. A mystical Tower of Babel will stand over everything, filling the ears of anyone who approaches with languages from around the world, symbolizing the unifying power of music. The event will also include the deployment of numerous new experiences to explore, such as Follow the Rabbit, Take the Blue Pill, Portaloo, The Backstage Pass Quest, and more. Just walking the festival grounds should be an experience in itself!”


Source for images: (https://decentraland.org/blog/announcements/metaverse-music-festival-2022-everything-there-is-to-know-so-far/)

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