Apple aims to build their own metaverse

by admin, Kasım 10, 2022

An image of Apple AR / VR glasses

Although virtual reality headsets have been in our lives for years, they have not attracted the attention of the general public due to the high cost and lack of content.

Recently, interest in virtual reality headsets has been increasing rapidly due to the spread of metaverse initiatives.

Apple aims to launch multiple wearables by 2030. One of these devices is the VR/AR glasses set.

Although the company has not made an official statement on this issue, new leaks are emerging every day.


Metaverse move from Apple

Metaverse move from Apple


According to the information revealed, the tech giant is building a new metaverse universe that will work with virtual reality glasses.

The US-based company has started to shift experienced names to these projects for both its virtual world and mixed reality headset.


What will Apple’s new glasses offer?

What will Apple's new glasses offer?

According to the latest information, the company wants to use a screen with a full 3,500 ppi (pixels per inch) value in its products. The company requested OLEDoS (OLEDoS) panels from Samsung and LG Display.

Famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known for his close sources at Apple, says that their mixed reality glasses will be the most complex product they have ever designed and will completely change the industry.

It is thought that the new title, which is expected to make a difference in the industry, will have a price between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars.





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