Apple’s mixed reality operating system to be named “xrOS”

by admin, Aralık 2, 2022

Apple's mixed reality operating system to be named “xrOS"

According to the news that Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has reported, Apple will use xrOS instead of the previously mentioned realityOS name. The XR part of xrOS is the abbreviation that is generally used for extended reality.

It was reported last February that the operating system of Apple’s mixed reality glasses would be called realityOS. According to the information reported by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, known for his accurate predictions about Apple, the company gave up using the realityOS name.

Apple changes mixed reality glasses’ OS name to xrOS

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According to the news that Mark Gurman based on a source close to the company, Apple will use xrOS instead of the realityOS name. It would not be wrong to say that the XR part named xrOS represents the concept of extended reality.

To explain, extended reality is a term used for situations where real and virtual environments are combined. Considering that Apple has developed a mixed reality glasses with both virtual and augmented reality features, it is quite logical to include the phrase extended reality in the name of the glasses.

Another important information Gurman reported was about who is working on mixed reality glasses. Gurman shared that the engineering leaders of units such as Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Notes, and Apple News took part in the project.

It seems that it will not come as a surprise that the mixed reality glasses developed by Apple offer not only entertainment but also business and education-oriented features. The mixed reality glasses, which are expected to be powered by the M2 chip, are expected to be officially introduced in 2023.


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