FIDE partners up with Avalanche blockchain

by admin, Aralık 23, 2022

FIDE partners up with Avalanche blockchain

The International Chess Federation, also known as FIDE, is partnering up with Avalanche, a smart contracts platform to bring chess to Web 3.0. The announcement came from Avalanche on the 23rd of December. FIDE is the international body of chess tournaments and oversees 200 national chess associations and also oversees the whole of the World Chess Championships.


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In today’s world, chess has been going digital over the years. But the last few years has seen a rise in the speed in which the ancient game has evolved and became digital. According to FIDE, over 100 million players are playing chess online. This is why FIDE is taking the initiative to bring chess to Web 3.0 to reinforce chess’ journey to digitalization.


The announced partnership also includes Avalanche and Core, a wallet developed by Ava Labs to be sponsors at International Chess Federation tournaments. The sponsorship part of the partnership has already started at the World Rapid and Blitz 2022 tournament in Kazakhstan.


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The announcement also mentioned that Avalanche and Core is going to be investing and supporting FIDE to develop chess products on the network. Ava Labs, the developer of Avalanche and Core, is also going to aid FIDE in problem solving about chess and get rid of operational inefficiencies affecting players and local federations.


On top of these, the partnership between FIDE and Ava Labs is going to try to bring new players to the game and improve the integrity of the game.


Perhaps the most innovative thing FIDE is going to completely implement to their operation is Avalanche’s subnet technology. They aim to create on-chain player ratings, a game explorer to visit legendary games, and on-chain digital prize pools and trophies on the Avalanche network. Avalanche also announced that they plan to bring personalized on-chain game experiences.


The CEO of FIDE, Emil Sutovsky’s words on the statement were as follow:


“Chess is a unique sport, and this cooperation will allow us to unify our community and strengthen the ties between players, clubs, federations and FIDE.”


CEO of Ava Labs Emir Gün Sirer further added:


“The possibilities created by bringing chess on-chain are about as limitless as the game of chess itself… On Avalanche, players all over the world will experience chess like never before.”


FIDE took their actual first step into Web 3.0 in 2021, as they launched their own NFT marketplace in partnership with TON Labs.


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