Opera Releases New Web3 Security Tools

by admin, Aralık 28, 2022

Opera Releases New Web3 Security Tools

One of the most well known browsers, Opera, has recently been evolving into a Web3 browser to keep up with the times. The browser is now implementing some new security device to itself to protect users from the bad actors of the Web3 circles.

What is Opera Web3 Guard?

What is Web3 Guard?

Web3 Guard, Opera’s aptly named security tools’ purpose is to protect users of the browser from malicious activities such as ill-intended DApps and seed phrase phishing attacks.

Web3 Guard scans for any suspicious code and security vulnerabilities that are usually related to dangerous DApps. With this early scan, users get to know more about the DApp they were intending to visit beforehand, so they can make an informed decision whether to visit the DApp or not.

It also scans for keywords and properties of seed phrase phishing attacks to prevent any scams before ever happening. The tool does this without compromising any of the users’ personal data.

Senior Product Manager of Crypto at Opera, Danny Yao told a website:

“Currently, Web3 Guard provides warnings and information to users so that they are not only aware of the potential risks in the moment, but also gradually become more familiar with the types of dangers specific to Web3. “

Web3 Guard also comes with a tool that checks the recipient address for any malicious content. It does this by comparing the address to any known malicious activities and warns the user if needed. Perhaps the most interesting feature is that with this update, Opera gives the option to enable HTTPS on every website you visit. This increases the security even more and allows the users to visit websites with reliable encryption. 

An image of Opera Crypto browser

At the beginning of December, Opera released a NFT minting feature that allowed people with less experience to easily mint their own NFTs.

One of the things that made the browser an important part of Web3 circles is that it gave users Opera Coin, their own crypto token. It also has an integrated wallet that works with many crypto coins and Web3 ecosystems.

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